Where Happiness Lies

Had I ever really known happiness?

It wasn’t until I took my “leap of faith” in August of 2016 that I started to taste the bittersweet struggle of my pursuit of happiness. It took every bit of courage in my soul to leave my regular 9-5 and pursue my dreams. Many times I doubted myself and ALMOST convinced myself that I was insane. Then like magic the universe would send me a signal that I couldn’t ignore. I think that is when I knew I was on the right path and I couldn’t turn back. I was petrified but that is what solidified my calling.

I have never felt this much fear in my life. The fear of failure is even more prominent than what I felt when I became a young mother. Everyone is watching. Some people are rooting for me to win, and some are praying for me to fail. That’s the beauty of the struggle, and the uncertainty that keeps me going. The fear of failing keeps me passionate, innovative, humble, and forever on my toes. The look in my daughter’s eyes is what fuels my hunger. By any means I will get the happiness that is rightfully mine and in turn, rightfully hers.

All of this to say that your happiness (and destiny) lie right on the other side of your fears. Then, just when you think you are “happy” things will become uncomfortable again. But don’t worry. That is just God telling you it is time to level up. Happiness is sometimes a constant pursuit. Do we ever really get our happiness and keep it? Or must we remain hungry even at our happiest? Only you can answer that question. I will say that I am scared, but I am the happiest I have been in a VERY long time.

Are you scared of “happy”?

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  1. Great article on finding the perfect balance between fear and courage seeing we need both in our lives. Looking forward to reading more.

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