Ashley Kay is a Mom, CEO, Promoter, Blogger, and Writer. Ashley, who has been writing since the age of seven, started out writing short stories. Short stories then became songs during puberty, which then turned to poetry as a young mother. Ashley has also written bio’s for musicians, all while promoting parties in the Tri-State area. With her passion for creativity and helping others, she then created Ladies About Dreams and Success LLC., better known as L.A.D.S. Their mission is to encourage women to follow their dreams, empower one another, and make success a priority!

In addition to L.A.D.S., her and a friend started the blog “The SPOT” which has become a platform for up and coming artists of all types. In Ashley’s spare time she is loves to catch the latest kid friendly movie with her #coolkidz.

You can reach Ashley at iashleykay2@gmail.com.

“When it comes to having a voice, I speak louder with a pen”… Ashley Kay