When dating, are finances more important to women or men? Ladies, would you ever date a man who makes less money than you? Fellas, would you date a woman who makes more money than you? Society is so use to a man taking control so it’s not out of the norm for a man to be with a woman who makes less than him. However, if a woman says she wants a man with more money why is she then looked at as a gold digger?

Let us be honest for a second. Who honestly wants to be with someone who can’t contribute to the lifestyle we are trying to obtain? Studies show that almost a third of working women are now making more than their husbands. Also, women are getting a higher education and taking positions that were only offered to men in the past. What else should be expected?

I enjoy working and being a businesswoman so I do not think a man should feel intimidated by my work ethic. However, I will say that if the man doesn’t have the same work ethic as me or higher, there is no need to even try to build a friendship, let alone a relationship. We have to be on the same page in my eyes.

My question to you is, could a difference in income cause problems in a relationship? Do we allow finances to determine what LOVE is?

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