When dating, are finances more important to women or men? Ladies, would you ever date a man who makes less money than you? Fellas, would you date a woman who makes more money than you? Society is so use to a man taking control so it’s not out of the norm for a man to be with a woman who makes less than him. However, if a woman says she wants a man with more money why is she then looked at as a gold digger?

Let us be honest for a second. Who honestly wants to be with someone who can’t contribute to the lifestyle we are trying to obtain? Studies show that almost a third of working women are now making more than their husbands. Also, women are getting a higher education and taking positions that were only offered to men in the past. What else should be expected?

I enjoy working and being a businesswoman so I do not think a man should feel intimidated by my work ethic. However, I will say that if the man doesn’t have the same work ethic as me or higher, there is no need to even try to build a friendship, let alone a relationship. We have to be on the same page in my eyes.

My question to you is, could a difference in income cause problems in a relationship? Do we allow finances to determine what LOVE is?


Why is it so easy to make things that have little to no meaning go viral? 

Wild teen fights, parodies, and entertainment news seem to spread like wildfire on social media. Yet it seems that when it concerns a young person’s life, sometimes the shares and likes seem to come when it’s too late, or worse, not at all!  It’s one thing to find out someone is missing; but it’s another to find out ten young girls have disappeared within the same week.

Yes! 10 black and latina girls went missing in Washington D.C.!  Research has shown that only a few have been found in good health and are now home safe with their families. Now I’m not saying that because these young girls are black and latina, they deserve more sympathy or social media exposure. But what I am saying is that they deserve the same resources, technology, and social media shares to get them back to their families!

As of late, there has been a change in how the police are advised to handle a missing persons case. Due to the fast-growing social media age, police have now started using popular social media sites to look for the missing instead of broadcasting solely on the news like they used to do in the past. More often than not, by the time these missing persons cases show up on our local or national news…the missing person is usually white. Black and Latino missing persons rarely get the same exposure.

So my question to you is; with technology growing so fast, is social media taking over the way we share news (both good and bad)? Is this new method helping or hurting the recovery of our minorities? Will their safe return only be based off how many likes or shares they get?


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Ashley Kay is a Mom, CEO, Promoter, Blogger, and Writer. Ashley, who has been writing since the age of seven, started out writing short stories. Short stories then turned into songs, and songs then turned into poetry. Ashley has also written bio’s for musicians, all while promoting parties in the Tri-State area. With her passion for creativity and helping others, she then created Ladies About Dreams and Success LLC., better known as L.A.D.S. Their mission is to encourage women to follow their dreams, empower one another, and make success a priority!

In addition to L.A.D.S., she and a friend started the blog “The SPOT” which has become a platform for up and coming artists of all types. In Ashley’s spare time she loves to catch the latest family movie with her kids.

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“When it comes to having a voice, I speak louder with a pen”… Ashley Kay

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Remy VS Nicki…Who Gets The Crown?

I don’t know about you, but Nicki Minaj’s bars on “No Fraud” was like listening to someone trying to use that professional customer service tone after they’ve been aggravated by a client. You know, all sweet and kind but still being a passive-aggressive smart ass that’s trying to remain professional.  But after the customer walks away you begin all the trash talk and tell them how you really feel (in your mind). Now I’m personally not a big fan to either self-proclaimed “rap queen” but I still like the flow of Nicki’s rebuttal track! I can still sing and dance along with it when summer comes around but unfortunately the bars were not there! C’mon Nicki! Why didn’t you come harder? As Tyra Banks said on an episode of ANTM, “We were all rooting for you!”

I feel like she should have scrapped Drake and Wayne and carried the song on her own strength (as Remy did). In my opinion, adding the rest of the Young Money crew made it worse. Remy’s flow was so aggressive, it was hard not to feel the anger she spat on the track! On the other hand, Nicki’s response was just about making a dope song with other music giants, not so much to clap back at Remy.

Timeline Summary: Allegedly, the whole time Remy was in prison Nicki was on team #freeRemy only because she knew she was holding “the crown”. Then Remy gets out and tries to be team #sharethecrown until she feels like credit isn’t being given for what she did for the female rap game. Afterwards, Remy begins freestyling on most of Nicki’s hits and lets a few subliminal shots slip. BANG, BANG! Nicki gets hit and fires back. Then…Remy releases Nicki’s death sentence with “ShETHER”, and Nicki comes back from the dead with “No Frauds”, albeit two weeks later.

Is this hip-hop, rap, battle rap, or pop? Can someone please explain this mess? What happened to just making music and being original? Can these “rap queens’ just make up and do a song together with both of their ghost writers by their side? Or can there only be one #queenofrap?

Listen to both diss records below and let me know what you think…